Steering Committees

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Brookhaven Steering Committee members are appointed by the mayor and assigned to one of four steering committees. Committees serve to provide insights for major city planning initiatives, including the Comprehensive Plan 2034 and the Buford Highway Improvement Plan & Economic Development Strategy.

Members were appointed at December 2013 and January 2014 city council meetings.

All plans are available for download at the links below: 

Comprehensive Plan 2034 (Amended and readopted 4/21/2015)

Buford Hwy Plan (Adopted 10/14/2014)

Parks and Recreation Master Plan (Note: Due to file size, preview is not possible. File is download only and may require a few minutes to download.)

Comprehensive Transportation Plan 

Additional links to presentations, calendars and supporting documentation are available below:

Comprehensive Plan 2034 and Regional Assessment - Presentation to Council: July 29, 2014 Work Session Meeting 

Buford Highway Improvement Plan and Economic Development Strategy - Presentation to Council: July 29, 2014 

Background information on the four major planning initiatives can be found here.

A map that depicts areas of focus for the four planning initiatives can be found here.

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