Utility Construction - FAQs for Homeowners

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As utility companies work to provide upgraded services to residents, the public should be aware of the process, legal requirements and how to report concerns. (For information on utility and other permits, click here.)

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  • How will I know if work will be done in the right-of-way along my property?

  • Are companies required to obtain permits from the city for utility work?

  • Can residents view permits granted for utility work?

  • Can the city prohibit utility work in the right-of-way?

  • What if I have landscaping or an irrigation system in the right-of-way?

  • Can the city enforce property restoration and repairs?

  • Can the city provide compensation or force the utility company to compensate for damages?

  • Who do I contact if utility work has created damage on my property?

  • How can I contact the utility company?