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Public Works – Stormwater Division


The Brookhaven Stormwater Division is housed under the Public Works Department. This team is responsible for providing and maintaining a stormwater collection and disposal system for runoff precipitation. These structures are designed to carry runoff away from developed areas to prevent flooding. Please refer to the links below for additional information.

For questions related to stormwater drainage, please contact:

Gregory Anderson 
Phone: 404-637-0528

Ongoing Projects and Initiatives:

The Stormwater Division has several ongoing projects and initiatives:

  • Stormwater Infrastructure Inventory. An inventory of the city’s network of stormwater pipes is being collected along with information about their condition. This valuable information will assist the city in prioritizing pipeline rehabilitation and maintenance projects. This project supports compliance with the city’s state and federal permits.

  • Nancy Creek Watershed Improvement Plan. The city is completing a plan that identifies a list of 43 recommended projects to improve water quality in the Nancy Creek watershed. Approximately 60 percent of the city is located in the Nancy Creek watershed and the watershed includes city-owned Murphey Candler Park and Blackburn parks.   

  • Osborne Road Drainage Improvement Project - Phase 1.  This project addresses a stormwater issue in the City of Brookhaven that is threatening the safety of motorists and is a nuisance for local homeowners.  The area of interest is Osborne Road between Peachtree Road and Kendrick Road. Frequent rain events are causing flow from runoff to leave the gutter and fill travel lanes of Osborne Road.  This creates areas of deep flow that hinder Osborne Road traffic and cause street and yard flooding in an adjacent neighborhood.  The project area is illustrated in Figure 1.

    Currently, Osborne Road is the primary stormwater conveyance system for the area of interest.  It may have originally been an adequate design when the drainage area consisted of low- to medium-density single-family residences.  However, since the density has increased with commercial lots along Peachtree Road and larger infill houses along Tallulah Drive and Grove Street, the infiltration of rainfall has decreased, causing more runoff that exceeds the safe-conveyance capacity of the road and gutters.  To characterize the nature of the runoff, a stormwater model was developed to estimate the infiltration and runoff caused by rain events given the land use and soil types of the drainage area.  The model was also used to estimate the hydraulic conveyance capacity of Osborne Road and the existing storm drainage system to illustrate the existing deficiencies and for developing solution alternatives.  This report summarizes the methodology, analysis, and solution alternatives for mitigating the flooding issue along Osborne Road.  

    Schedule for Osborne Road Drainage Improvement Project - Phase 1 

  • Cartecay Drive Hydrology Study. As it pertains to the flow under the intersection of Cartecay, Ellijay and Coosawatee Drives, the flooding which occurs during heavy rain events was the impetus for a hydrology study which was completed in January 2017 by Planning and Engineers Collaborative, Inc. 


Click here for the City of Brookhaven's Stormwater Management Plan

Stormwater Fees:

The stormwater utility fee is billed with the annual property tax bill to Brookhaven residents. DeKalb County collects and forwards the receipts (less an administration fee) in the last quarter of every year.

The fees were adopted by resolution, and the rates as adopted are $5 per month per equivalent residential unit (ERU) or $60 per year per ERU. A single family parcel is considered to be 1 ERU. For multi-family and condominium, each unit is considered to be 0.5 ERU. For non-residential, 3000 sf of impervious area is equal to 1 ERU.

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