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Public Works Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

    • How do I report a problem in my area in the road, right-of-way, or stormwater system?

    • I have a problem with sewage, water lines, or fire hydrants near my house. What do I do?

  • Pavement Management

    • My road is not in your 2017 Repaving List or in the 5-year program. How can I move it up on the priority list?

  • Sanitation

    • Does Brookhaven have its own Sanitation Department?

    • What do I do if our trash pickup is missed?

  • Traffic Calming

    • What does “traffic calming” mean?

    • What are some examples of traffic calming devices and methods?

    • Are stop signs traffic calming devices?

    • How can my neighborhood get traffic calming devices?

    • Where can I get updates about Current Traffic Calming Petitions and Information?

  • Utility Construction

    • How can I contact the utility company?

    • Who do I contact if utility work has created damage on my property?

    • Can the city provide compensation or force the utility company to compensate for damages?

    • Can the city enforce property restoration and repairs?

    • What if I have landscaping or an irrigation system in the right-of-way?

    • Can the city prohibit utility work in the right-of-way?

    • Are companies required to obtain permits from the city for utility work?

    • Can residents view permits granted for utility work?

    • How will I know if work will be done in the right-of-way along my property?

    • Are companies required to obtain permits from the city for utility work?