Land Development

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The land development team is part of the community development department and works to review site plans with land disturbance needs.

Any projects involving land disturbance requires engineering review and verification of compliance with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation on Commission’s practices.

Land disturbance project applicants must obtain a Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) from the City of Brookhaven prior to such activity. All permits and applications can be found in the Forms Library.

Please direct any engineering inquiries to the Brookhaven City Engineer:

Timothy Ward
Phone: 404-637-0486

Please direct any inquiries regarding land development to the Brookhaven Development Services Manager:

Michael Charlson
Phone: 404-637-0485

Code violations or disturbances related to land development are handled by the Code Compliance Team

Please note:

Water and sewer improvements are handled by DeKalb County. Any inquiries regarding stormwater drainage systems should be directed to the Brookhaven Stormwater Manager.