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Brookhaven approves sidewalk and bike lane ordinance

Post Date:07/26/2017 11:49 AM

Brookhaven, GA, July 26, 2017 – The Brookhaven City Council unanimously approved an ordinance clarifying mandates for sidewalks on all new and improved local residential streets in Brookhaven.  In addition, bike lanes will also be required per the recommendations of the City Bicycle, Pedestrian, & Trail Plan and other planning documents.

“The City of Brookhaven places a high priority on alternative transportation options, especially those that promote healthy lifestyles,” said Community Development Director Patrice Ruffin.  “In order to continue to enable and encourage active transportation, the City of Brookhaven is implementing recommendations in the Comprehensive Development Plan, Transportation Plan and the Bike, Pedestrian, and Trail Plan in order to create a more balanced transportation network.”

According to the ordinance, sidewalks are required on all sides of street frontage on all new and improved local residential streets in all subdivisions of all new and improved nonresidential developments, unless determined to be infeasible only due to severe cross-slopes, shallow rock, soil, or topographic conditions.  New sidewalks must be made of concrete and a minimum of five feet wide.

The new ordinance also requires that new bicycle lanes, will be located in the outside lane of a roadway, adjacent to the curb or shoulder based upon the specifications in the Bike, Pedestrian, and Trail Plan.  In instances of on-street parking, the bicycle lane shall be located between the parking lane and the outer lane of moving vehicles.



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